Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thin Stone Defined

-Is thin veneered stone a domestic product?

Stone comes from all over the world. The material is natural, so you must go where the stone formations are, which are the United States and abroad. However, the vast majority of our stone is mined in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas.

-Are there any problems with installation?

As long as the material is installed correctly, there should not be a problem. One thing we find in installation is that not everyone adds adhesives, which must be done since the back of the stone is smooth.

-How is Thin Stone installed?

Exterior applications usually include a double layer of vapor barrier, metal lath and a scratch coat applied. Interior applications do not require the vapor barrier.

-Can you apply Thin Stone without wire lath and scratch coat?

Yes, you can apply Thin Stone directly to concrete block, concrete foundations, retaining walls, or brick.

-Once the Thin Stone is adhered to the substrate, do you go back and point up the joints with mortar?

Yes, unless you are trying to achieve a dry stack look.

-Can you get a dry stack look with Thin Stone?

Yes, simply install with a tight joint.

-Does natural stone have adherence, or is it anchored?

No anchor is necessary; it is adhered.

-Does Thin Stone require any special flashing techniques?


-Has Thin Stone passed applicable freeze/thaw cycle tests?


-What is the weight factor per square foot?

Natural Thin Stone should weigh about 10 to 13 pounds per square foot, generally cut between ¾” and 1-1/2” thick. However, special cuts are available.

-Are corner units available?


-What shapes and sizes are available?

Product can be made in nearly all shapes and sizes, tumbled and non-tumbled. If you can get the shape you are looking for in a full size rock, you obtain it in a Thin Stone. Therefore, both full and thin veneer stone can be used on the same project.

-I have further questions or information requests?

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